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Experienced in both start up and transition management of shuttle operations
Driver scheduling and bus system route design
Recommend appropriate shuttle bus equipment for specific project requirements
Maintenance provider
Hiring and supervision of all shuttle operations personnel
Customer relations
Technology enhancements
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Kansas City
Los Angeles
Monroe (MI)
Portland (OR)
Washington D.C.

Transportation Operations Management

People don’t think much about being shuttled from Point A to Point B. They assume that the service will be quick and convenient. But, if the shuttle is late, the driver discourteous, or the bus is not maintained, then the service is a poor reflection on the sponsoring institution, whether it is an airport, medical complex, or college campus.

Making the shuttle service experience professional, pleasant and efficient for customers is the goal of Integrity Group’s Transportation Operations Management team.

Integrity’s comprehensive management of an organization’s transportation system not only includes providing the buses that transport passengers to and from parking lots, consolidated car rental facilities or intra-campus circulator systems, but it also oversees the hiring and supervision of all the personnel needed to efficiently operate, maintain, and coordinate the day to day operations.

Integrity's expert personnel make the shuttle trip for your customers a hassle-free experience...and for your organization, it is a worry-free experience. Isn't that what you want and expect when hiring a Transportation Operations Management company?

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