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$35M - Texas Southern University Houston, TX
$42M - Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Cleveland, OH
$36.9M - Bradley International Airport
Hartford , CT
$17M - Westchester County Airport, White Plains, NY
$12M - Westchester Medical Center, Westchester Cty., NY
$7.7M - Oshawa General Hospital, Toronto, CN
$3.26M - Scarborough Hospital Toronto, CN
$2.5M - Stewart International Airport Orange County, NY
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Associate Locations
Kansas City
Los Angeles
Monroe (MI)
Portland (OR)
Washington D.C.

Parking Facility Development
Designing a multi-million-dollar parking facility – parking garage and/or surface lots – requires a lot of imagination and expertise.

And, it helps the client sleep better at night knowing the developer has a track record of success, which inspires a feeling of confidence and trust that the money invested in this huge project will result in a parking facility that is not only well designed and efficient to operate, but also is a source of pride.

The management of Integrity Group has a combined 60 years of experience in the parking and transportation industries, and has a track record of doing it right the first time when developing large parking facilities in the United States and Canada. 

Satisfied customers from Canada to Connecticut to Cleveland to Houston can vouch for our design and development experience.





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